Tropical Interior Design Trends in Oahu Mansions

You don’t have to search far when it comes to finding ideas for decorating a luxury home in Hawaii. Inspiration lies just outside the door in the beauty of the natural surroundings. The most stylish design trends found in the exquisite mansions of Oahu take their cues from the island’s lush greenery, sun-kissed sands, and sparkling, clear ocean waters. These tropical interior design trends can spark ideas for decorating that are sure to impress.

Nothing matches nature for beauty, and you can make the most of her natural charms by ensuring that the windows in your home take advantage of gorgeous vistas of the verdant green mountains of Oahu and the blue Pacific. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows not only provide views that are as picturesque as the finest painting, but also make rooms feel airy and expansive.


When planning a layout for your space, stage your design from the best perspective. Furniture with a low profile is ideal for conversation areas near picture windows. Make sure that any patio furniture on the lanai doesn’t block indoor views as well. Large-scale windows offering amazing views demand a design counterpoint, and creating a strong focal point on the opposite side of the room provides balance.


Outdoor views also provide a natural color palette for your interior design. When choosing your color scheme, avoid flat, one-dimensional shades that will look false against the rich colors of nature. Look for multi-dimensional colors that will add richness and depth to the room. It’s easiest to achieve this look when you combine texture and colour. A textured wall in a sandy shade, for example, will add more visual interest than a flat paint color. A natural color scheme accented by bold pops of color keeps interiors looking fresh and contemporary.


For interiors that complement rather than compete with nature’s beauty, choose clean-lined furnishings that work with any decorative style. Avoid heavy period pieces. Instead, focus on comfort, choosing furniture that suits Hawaii’s casual lifestyle. Opt for fabrics and materials that can take a bit of sand and sea salt in stride. To keep nature-inspired rooms from looking too rustic, add elegance with top-quality materials like stone flooring, fine hardwood cabinetry and chic lighting.


Use accessories to infuse your own individual personality into your interiors, but keep clutter at bay. Rooms that offer the same sweeping sense of uncluttered space as the great outdoors will feel more in tune with island living. Pull rooms together by coordinating finishes on hardware, fixtures and accessories to achieve a cohesive design.


Carry your decorating themes into your outdoor living spaces as well. Repeating motifs, colors and textures give your property a sense of harmony, and when it comes to life on the islands, harmony, serenity and relaxation reign supreme!


Follow these trends in “Hawaii style” interior design, and your exquisite home on Oahu or any other seaside or beachfront home will never fail to impress.

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