Peninsula or Island: A Kitchen Dilemma

Designing the dream kitchen can be more difficult than expected. From deciding what flooring to use to choosing the perfect cutlery, there are many details to discuss and many decisions to make. The key to creating that ideal kitchen undoubtedly rests on what homeowners will decide upon when it comes to a peninsula or an island table. Here are some factors to consider that will help homeowners solve that tricky kitchen dilemma.

Size of Kitchen

When choosing between a peninsula or island table, the first factor to consider is the size of the kitchen. Homeowners should be realistic when deciding between styles. An island table may be their dream choice, but it won’t realistically have the same magical appeal when placed in a small, cramped kitchen. Peninsula tables are arguably the better choice for smaller kitchens, as they take up less space, allowing occupants more room to putter about. With an island table filling up a small kitchen, homeowners may find daily chores like cooking meals, washing dishes and sweeping the floor awkward and unnecessarily difficult.


Island tables are ideally suited to bigger kitchens as they will fill out the room, creating a homey ambiance. Without a central piece, the room will appear bare and empty, rather than simplistically modern. Homeowners with a larger kitchen will also have more workspace with an island table, as it is situated central to the room, enabling all kitchen related activities to take place at the same time without interference.

Size of Family

Homeowners should take into account family size when choosing between these two styles of tables. With one side of the table adjoined to the wall or counter, couples may find a peninsula the better option because they can sit closer together, instead of across from one another on opposite ends of a larger table. A family of 4 or more, however, will need extra room simply to fit everyone around the table, making an island a great choice for them. Homeowners who have friends and extended family visiting frequently may also find that an island table is a better option.


Style Preference

While homeowners shouldn’t allow style preference to fully dominate their decision, it should be taken into consideration. Unless homeowners plan to order in takeaways every night, they are guaranteed to be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen. As such, picking a table style that is well liked is essential. After all, this is homeowners chance to design their dream kitchen, and buying a table simply for convenience sake is pointless if homeowners aren’t happy with it. Those who prefer the come and go breakfast bar style may be happier with a peninsula table; where as homeowners who like the family to sit together and enjoy an evening meal may find the Island table ideal for them.


With many benefits to both peninsula and island tables, making the decision between the two can be tough; however, taking into account kitchen and family size, as well as personal style, will make choosing much easier. Whatever table style homeowners go for, these two fabulous styles are sure to make for a superb kitchen.

About the Author
Sally Anthony is an interior kitchen design specialist working for the firm Nicholas Anthony.

Image Credits: Sitka Projects LLC and Bill on Capitol Hill

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