Making Use of LED Strip Lighting in Your Home

Working for an LED lighting company, I see new lighting products every day. One product in particular really interested me – a flexible LED lighting strip. It comes in different ranges of white, colour and brightness, and can be cut to any length. There is also a colour changing type that comes with a wireless remote control, allowing you to change the colour of your room with the touch of a button.

The LED strip light can be used in many different ways in your home. For example, in your kitchen, you could use it under your cabinets as ‘working’ light, or top lighting above cabinets, or as plinth lighting as a feature. There is also an IP67 (i.e. waterproof) version of the strip light, that you could make use of in your bathroom. The possibilities really are endless!

Another great benefit of the LED strip light is that is uses very little wattage. With an LED strip that pulls just 4.8w per metre, this can help reduce electricity bills. These lights also have a long life of 50,000 hours! Therefore, you wouldn’t need to change the LED strips as often as you would with fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs.

The RGB LED strip that I used in my home is the RGB colour changing LED tape (7.2w type). I really liked the idea of being able to change the colour of my coving (decorative moulding) and setting the ‘mood’ with the touch of a button. I fitted the RGB colour changing LED strip in a plastic coving in my dining room. The coving was paintable, so it fit in with my room very well and looked great even with the LED strip lighting off. I got the LED strip from Instyle LED and they cut the RGB LED strip to the specific lengths that I gave them.

Other components that I required for the setup were a transformer and a controller. These were also fitted in the coving by an electrician. I now have a wireless remote controller that has a fancy colour wheel on it that can select any shade of any static colour. I can also fully dim the LED strip and turn it on/off. It can also be set to white, which is the most common setting I tend to have it on; whereas, I use the colour settings for special occasions.

Overall, LED strip lighting is great, well priced, simple to install and simple to use. The end result is very effective and certainly adds a unique, special feature to a room.

About the Author
John Watts works for an LED lighting company. All images for this article are his own.

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