Interior Design Trends for 2016: Make Your Home a Modern Place

If you’re looking to enhance the design of your living space for 2016, there are some specific design trends that you can incorporate into your home to give it a facelift. Below are 5 ways to give your place a new look for the New Year — and the best part is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to pull them off!


Outdoor Touches

For 2016, you’ll see more designers integrating a bit of nature indoors environment for a natural and organic style that feels more casual. Although interior design has embraced straight lines in recent years, more people are gravitating towards an earthy style that is easy on the eyes. This trend includes using furniture that is constructed out of natural materials and hanging artwork that highlights outdoor landscapes. You can also add more plants to fill in bare corners. For instance, consider using a decorative planter to hold a large fig leaf tree or a mother-in-law’s tongue plant for popular types of greenery that will liven up a room.

Floral Prints

Hugely popular in the 80s and 90s, floral patterns have officially made a comeback this year for a bold look that is a bit daring. Large, floral prints make and offer cheery detail that brightens up any room. You could use floral wallpaper in a bathroom or hang floral prints on the walls to create a soft space that doesn’t feel stark in each season. Many people are also choosing to upholster their furniture with floral fabric for an accent chair or loveseat that stands out in a room and adds a pop of color.


One of the most popular interior design trends for this year is using a variety textures when decorating and enhancing the look of the home. Different textures help add extra dimension and depth to a space for extra warmth and a coziness. Incorporate wicker baskets for a functional piece that can hold throws and blankets. Play with faux fur, wood, and velvet with your furniture and decor pieces for an eclectic look that adds extra versatility.

Dramatic Colors

In past years, beige, ivory, and brown shades were common interior design colors that became overused because they were considered safe, but more designers are now straying from neutrals in favour of dramatic colors that make a statement. Consider painting a room black for a unique look that is sure to shock your guests, but that can look regal with the right decor pieces. If you’re not ready for something quite that bold, select neons shades for pillows and other textiles that are used in your space for unconventional pops of color.


For a modern look that is chic and sophisticated in both masculine and feminine spaces, using metallics is one of the most popular design trends of 2016. Mix different types of metallics with lamps, hardware, and modern furniture to add different texture to rooms, break up the space, and add extra dimension. Incorporate items with brass, gold, and silver finishes to elevate the style of a room and make for a gorgeous setting. For instance, you could add a gold framed mirror above a console table in your entryway, or add a silver bookcase to your living room to display books and other décor items. The metallics will stand out and will allow the home to look expensive.


Having a sleek looking house in 2016 requires a balanced approach to interior design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, prints, and textures. If some of the design trends make you nervous, you can always start small, and work up the courage to try something outside your comfort zone later. After all, you have a whole year ahead of you!

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This article was contributed by Bob Gorman.

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