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Corporate FAQ

What types of commercial designs do you offer?

Our talented team of architects and designers can provide interior design solutions for a variety of commercial projects, such as:

1. Corporate and Executive Offices

ex. investment companies, banks, travel agencies, etc

2. Retail & Merchandising Stores

ex. shopping malls, art galleries, car showrooms, etc

3. Entertainment & Hospitality Establishments

ex. restaurants, hotels, museums, etc

4. Healthcare Facilities

ex. medical clinics, retirement homes, fitness clubs, etc

5. Transportation Facilities

ex. airports, cruise ships, train stations, etc

6. Institutional Facilities

ex. churches, daycare centers, universities, etc

7. Industrial Facilities

ex. power plants, laboratories, manufacturing plants, etc

Who are your clients?

We have Direct Clients such as Business owners, Corporations, Developers, etc.

We also have Collaborative Clients such as Architectural Firms, Interior Design Firms, Project Management Consultants, Contractors, etc.

Can corporate designs be ordered online?

No, not in the same manner as you would order a residential package.

There are many factors involved in a commercial project when it comes to understanding your requirements and adhering to building management guidelines, therefore we kindly ask that you complete the corporate inquiry form for our review. A project manager will then contact you within 2 working days to discuss on your project requirements.

General Infomation

What services do you provide?

We provide the following services:

• Design concepts for commercial and residential spaces

• Project management and consultancy

• Development of fixture fitting-out guidelines and as-built drawings

• Branding guidelines for commercial projects

Who is VS?

Visual Spaces Pte Ltd is a design management company based in Singapore. Our creative team consists of architects and designers from 16 countries. We specialize in designing interiors for both residential and commercial markets.

Residential FAQ

What types of residential designs do you offer?

Our talented team of architects and designers can provide interior design solutions for a variety of residential projects, such as:

1. Detached Single-Unit Housing

ex. Bungalow, Cottage, Split-Level, etc

2. Semi-Detached Dwelling

ex. Duplex, Townhouse, Semi-Detached, etc

3. Attached Multi-Unit Housing

ex. Apartment, Condominium, Loft, etc

4. Movable Dwellings

ex. Houseboat, Mobile Home, Travel Trailer, etc

Can I choose a designer that I like?


To ensure quality control and proper time management, the project manager assigned to your account will appoint a designer based on your requirements.

We realize not being able to choose a designer yourself might make you uncomfortable, but rest assured that the designer assigned to your project will be the one best suited to deliver the design(s) you desire.

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