Five Alternative & Creative Uses for a Bookcase

If you’re using bookcases just for books, you might be conservative when it comes to how you make use of your furniture and other décor items. Or, you maybe you just haven’t bothered to consider what else you could use a bookshelf for in your home. Here are five other ways to make bookcases work for you.

1. Room Divider

room-dividerThese days, many people live in spaces with open floor plans, which can be great, but even open concept spaces require designated areas. One way of doing this is to use a bookcase to divide the space. This can look really stylish provided that the items you put on your bookcase are stored neatly.

You can also use this idea to create separate areas in an open plan office space, but do bear in mind that you won’t cut out much noise with a bookcase as a makeshift wall.



2. Secret Door

If you have an office or a study in your home, you could create a secret door with a bookcase. To pull off this design trick, you need a bookcase that covers the entire wall where the door is located, plus a separate bookcase custom fit over the door so that it can still be opened, but look like one continuous wall of shelving when it’s closed.

3. Bed Station

In a kid’s room, a bed station is an ideal design solution. Keeping the bed off of the floor opens up a lot of space below for a desk, bookshelves and other items, like bins for storing toys. If two children are sharing a bedroom, this particular set up would definitely help make the best use of the room.

4. House Your Collection

vase-collectionDo you collect vintage cameras? How about old Jazz albums? Unique vases, perhaps? Whatever you’re into, use a bookcase to organize and showcase your favourite collection.

5. Home Office

If space is at a premium in your home, create an office by adding a fold out desk to a bookcase. You can fit all of your paperwork onto the shelves, then fold out the desk and slip a chair underneath when you need it. Make sure that the desk you choose is at the right height for working. Most people need their desk to be around 28” to 30” off the ground.

If you weren’t thinking of different ways to use bookcases before, the five suggestions above are sure to have you coming up with some ideas now.

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