Christmas Decorations with Style

There’s no question that decorations play a huge part in the festive season and that Christmas would not be the same without them; however, some homeowners go a little bit too far. Sure, it’s great to get into the Christmas spirit, but covering every last square inch of your home with holiday décor isn’t necessary.

To get your house looking both festive and stylish, here are some ways to create a sophisticated and classy look this year.




Typically, houses are decorated in a swirling mix of red, green and yellow during the holiday season, monopolizing the look of the home. This year, white, silver and gold are the in vogue colours. These neutral colours are great for small, personal touches to your furniture and bigger decorations. For instance, if silver will complement your home’s colour scheme, tying silver ribbons or baubles onto chairs, candlesticks, wreathes and doorknobs will help create a holiday look, without compromising on class or style.




Christmas ornaments are a fantastic way of adding Christmas spirit and cheer to your home. A small table in the hall of your house is the first place you should consider setting ornaments, as they will attract the attention of your guests as soon as they walk through the front door. Other discreet, yet noticeable places to put your ornaments include the coffee table, bookshelves, mantles and sideboards.




One of the most important parts of your Christmas décor is lighting. Too many different coloured lights can make your home look flashy and garish. Instead, consider using only white lights and sparingly. For instance, you could frame your windows in a single row of white lights, which looks great from the inside and also when looking upon your house from the outside. If you have a mantel, string a row of white lights across to further illuminate the room and add a sense of Christmas serenity.

Remember, you don’t have to be outlandish and over the top in your festive decorating to prove that you have the Christmas spirit. Simple and understated holiday décor is just as effective and so much classier.

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