Carpet vs. Hardwood: The Positives & Negatives

Flooring plays a central role in the look, feel and function of a home. If you are planning to remodel, or are shopping for a new home, you might be unsure if carpet or hardwood is the better flooring choice for your interiors.

To help you make a sound decision, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of both flooring materials.

Positives of Carpeting

If there’s one thing that really stands out to people who like carpet it’s the comfort. Carpet is soft underfoot, more inviting to sit or play on with children, and it’s also a sound barrier of sorts, muffling the scampering of little feet. Carpeting also trumps hardwood floors in terms of versatility. With a wide array of styles, textures and colors to choose from, it’s easier when it comes to personalizing your home. Plus, when you feel the urge to change things up, carpet is more easily and inexpensively replaced.


Negatives of Carpeting

It’s a good thing carpet can be replaced fairly inexpensively because it doesn’t stand up to wear and tear as well as hardwood. The same children and pets that love to play on the soft shag can cause hard-to-remove stains, as well as deposit crumbs and track in pests that hide deep in the fibers. This is why allergy and asthma suffers should avoid carpeting. Professional or do-it-yourself carpet cleaning does help, but it can be difficult at times, and eventually your carpet just starts looking like it’s had better days.

Positives of Hardwood Flooring

Nothing adds a high-end, impressive finish to a home like beautiful hardwood floors. They offer a modern look that’s great for resale, not only for their visual appeal and positive effect on interior light, but also because they are relatively easy to clean and care for. Classic hardwood floor materials typically stay in style longer, and in most cases are extremely resilient. It’s not uncommon to encounter wood floors over 100 years old that have been well maintained and look as good as they did the day they were installed.


Negatives of Hardwood Flooring

Unlike carpeting, hardwood floors are very expensive to install, not to mention costly to refurbish. Dropped items, furniture moves, or even high-heals can damage wood. Many people also consider hardwood colder and less comfortable to sit on. Unlike carpeting, hardwood floors don’t absorb sound and so make for a louder environment, and also a harder landing place should someone take a fall. Finally, for those that like change, ripping up a wood floor and laying down a new one is a task many homeowners would be hesitant to undertake.

The Verdict

The choice between carpet and wood floors comes down to function and taste. While carpet wins out for comfort, affordability and versatility, hardwoods prevail in resale value, upkeep and longevity. Like most things in life, balance is best, and the home that features both carpet and hardwood, depending on the purpose of the room, will not only be most the functional, but the most stylish as well.

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